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Goodbye from Christmas on the Water

We look at things differently...those of us who reside on or near the water.  Celebrating Christmas along sandy shores is still festive, however my heart is full of thankfulness everyday because I get to live the coastal lifestyle. My heart celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas every day of the year!  Since moving to the beach in 2008, my life is very much like the ocean, waves come and go endlessly, so I've learned to surf (figuratively) and enjoy the waves.

Time changes things and when 2014 arrives, I have new goals and ambitions (as I hope you continually have too).   That being said, this is the 768th post (and last one) on this blog, the blog which I originally started in January 2009. One of my goals is to "focus" so we'll have just ONE blog instead of five as it stands right now. I wholeheartedly thank you for all the years of beachy fun, friends!

I ask that you join me on Nautical Cottage Blog for beach house decorating inspiration from my wonderful contributing editors, Caron White & Dana Haddon!  Also, thank you to our Social Media Specialist, Liz Rhoades, who manages our Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts and keeps them fun and interesting.

Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you joy and gladness in everything you do!

Christmas on the water

Please join us for Beach House Decorating inspiration today!

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  1. Best of luck with your plans! I will definitely join you at Nautical Cottage Blog.
    Cheers to the new year! - Shelley


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