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Chippy, Vintage, Seashell Mantel

A seashell  made of wood with gold leaf combined with coral, antlers & seashells
Be still my heart ~ If you love shabby chic, vintage or a country beach cottage style then you should really like this mantel!

Let me backtrack a bit...I was recently introduced to Rhonda of Blue Creek Home from Linda of Coastal Charm. (Isn't blog hopping fun?!)  Rhonda was recently trying some different mantel arrangements and I fell in love with this design which incorporates a chippy, beachy and vintage feel.

Rhonda created a mantel full of seashells, old books, a cloche and whimsical touches that make it stand out from the crowd.  The finished product is a perfect example of how to incorporate things you love into your beach cottage design.  Enjoy the inspiration!
Rhonda explains:  I have been playing around with different arrangements on the mantel since I hung the refinished piano panel up.  I am trying to keep the whole thing creamy and light.

These three candlesticks have served me well for the last 7 years.  A lot of sheet rock mud, white and aqua paint, and brown glaze transformed their original bright gold into shabby delicious.

 Old books sans the cover looks good in any design. 
The base of the cloche is a vintage metal piece that was made in a foundry in Birmingham,  AL.  
The color is beautiful – the rusty white has a bluish patina.

Visit Rhonda at Blue Creek Home for all the fabulous details about her mantel design.

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    1. Oohh I love this!!! The carousel horse is beautiful and you know how much I love the sea shells!!!

    2. I adore Rhonda, she has such a creative mind and this mantel is proof of that! She also makes the most gorgeous pillows!

    3. What a beautiful mantel display. Love all the chippy looking shells and candle holders. Have a great day!

    4. It's fabulous - Rhonda is super talented!

    5. That is amazing! I love the collection of shells in the tray!

    6. all my favorites on the fireplace mantel for some reason I have love for antlers don't know why just love them.

    7. It's lovely our mantel is only about 3" deep so not pretty displays for us!

    8. Thanks so much for highlighting my mantel.
      I really had fun putting it all together and I am
      thrilled to see it here!

    9. this is visually gorgeous. Lovely arrangement of little pretty things.

    10. I am loving that shabby chunky piece of wood over the mantle. Yum. and the candlesticks Oh yes, I love what's been done here

    11. Beautiful!!! Can't beat Mother Nature's style.


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