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Avila Beach Where the Sun Prefers to Shine!

Avila Beach sits perfectly in the Port San Luis Harbor and with mountains surrounding the town, it creates a unique climate that pushes the fog out first on the Central Coast each morning. It's called the Avila bubble by the locals. On days where other local beaches (Morro Bay, Pismo Beach, and Shell Beach) are fogged in, you have a good chance that it's nice in Avila. On those days you can sit and enjoy the sun while seeing the giant fog wall surrounding the town a few miles out in the ocean. The climate makes it easy to enjoy this beautiful beach town during the winter.

Avila Beach California is so beautiful, even the sun prefers to start its day here. With its boutique shops, amazing dining, breathtaking beaches, and activities for everyone. You can experience this hidden paradise on the Central Coast of California, with one road in and one road out. Avila Beach will be the only place you'll ever visit where you'll never become homesick.

This amazing beach town is on my must-visit list for Winter 2013 (keeping fingers crossed). Have you been to this delightful town?


  1. It looks glorious and, I've never been! Love the bright sunshine photo! WOW!

  2. You will enjoy it. I live just a few minutes south and it's where we go to the beach. we even have a dog beach there.

  3. I visit frequently but never during tourist season. Avila is a delight without tourist and the hotels are at a discount. The dog beach is a big problem and they allow dogs to run loose on all beaches before 10 and after 4, I got bit twice while staying there.Local People with loose dogs are rude and do not care if your attacked. That was my only negative. I spent several months there recovering from my Mother's death. Its a special place and one of my favorite in California. I do not recommend staying at the Inn at Avila Beach, its dirty and broken down. The sycamore resort is a adequate stay and the other Hotels are just ok. You go for the experience and the beautiful environment, not the hotels so be prepared. Great secret is the Deli on the boardwalk has a world class chef and makes great dinners at a discount. You can take your dinner out on the pier and watch the dolphins.


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