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Coastal Window Shopping in Hawaii

Ah, window shopping -- not my favorite thing in the world.  Why? Because I like to buy stuff not just browse!  In Hawaii, it's a bit pricey for most things (I'm sure this is not news to any of you); however I actually did have fun window shopping with my camera.  Pretty coastal stuff which was all free to take photographs. 

Of course, the window display of seashells grabbed my attention immediately. An adorable mermaid clock, starfish rings and a tropical sarong were some of my favorite things. 

What's your favorite beach item?


  1. Ahhh...I would have gone straight for the seashells. But if I had money to spend...the sweet little blue straw clutch and one of the big straw hats. Then I would be 'styling'! heehee!

  2. My dream car is a woodie, so you can guess my fave. Loving your wonderful photos, Marie. -- Judy

  3. Hi! you ask an interesting question! I love pieces of wood corroded by sea water! I use them for a lot of home coastal decorations! Your web is great! Many thanks for your preciuos advice!:)

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  5. We're big fans of mermaids so the clock would be my first choice but I love the shells and the woody so would be a really tough choice for me.


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