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Coastal Photography: North Head Lighthouse

I'm back at the beach and one of my first treks was to head south to the North Head Lighthouse on the Long Beach Peninsula WA.  It's been one of my favorite places in the world for years...and even with all of the traveling over the past year, it's still my favorite.  The feeling of standing on top of the world always touches my heart at this place.  You can also see clearly for miles and miles in three directions which is pretty amazing.  Staring down along the cliffs with waves crashing around rejuvenates the soul. The wildflowers were just starting to bloom too!

One of my first articles was about this mighty lighthouse, read my North Head Lighthouse story here.


  1. I love North Head too. The setting is wonderful and the view awesome.

  2. I found your blog hop through Marta@Petite Raisin and thought I'd link up too. Most of my photos are iPhone photos lately, but I do love photography so I'm looking forward to finding some great blogs through the link up ;) Ocean Photography Prints


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