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Weekend Beach Style: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is like the cool, ocean air....

So, what do Carrie Underwood, Mitt Romney, Fergie, Shaquille O’Neill, and Mikhail Gorbachev have in common? All share March birthdays, plus the aquamarine birthstone.
Aquamarines are a type of beryl identified by their clear, blue-green color. As you can probably guess, the stone’s name has to do with water. Specifically, it means “water of the sea” from the Latin “aqua marina”, because if the gem doesn’t put you in mind of calm, tropical seas, nothing will.
Nonetheless, the fashion world loves aquamarines. They occur in all different sizes, so they can be cut into an incredible variety of shapes and styles. They’re found all over the world, so they’re affordable. And they complement almost every color, so they’re sure to look stunning on you, no matter what you’re wearing. 
Check out our sea-green and cerulean selections of tourmaline, agate, chalcedony, and (of course) aquamarines....

Cultivate an understated glamour with these round drop gold vermeil, Alexandra earrings with the loveliest shade of aqua chalcedony.

Ellen V Design's signature style, these large filigree black lucite disc earrings dangle from an aqua crystal bead on a silver fish hook wire.

Celebrate your birthday, everyday with the classic and sophisticated birthstone necklaces by Rafia.

Handmade in America, these gold wire dangle earrings feature pearls and pastel colored bubble bead clusters.

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  1. Oh a adore this post! I have a blue topaz ring that reminds me of this type of combination. Lovely

    1. We LOVE blue topaz, Lexie!! Thanks for visiting today :)


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