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Saturday Beach Style: Wishing for Spring Weather

It's almost's almost's almost Spring! If I keep repeating it over and over then maybe it will get here a bit faster, right?  It seems like most of us have been experiencing cold and/or snowy weather conditions over the past week and we are all yearning for spring and summer.  I know that I certainly am.

This week's beach style is super-duper casual for taking beach walks in.  Depending on the day, I fluctuate on my favorite color, but I'm really LOVING turquoise right now. I know, it's such a typical beach color.

It doesn't have to be costly to be beach friendly.  Take a plain t-shirt with jeans and dress them up with turquoise earrings, bracelet, purse, sandals...well, you get the idea!

Is this beach fashion too casual for you?... or just right?


  1. This is a great look...I love it! Here in Florida, we don't wear jeans as much but we definitely wear a LOT of pretty colors like turquoise. The other color I'm crazy about this Spring is coral. (I never wear a scarf. You see someone wear one occasionally but not often here in FL) Florida style is SUPER casual all the time!

    1. Sounds like I'd love Florida style! Coral is a fabulous color too...thanks for recommending it!


  2. I love turquoise and those sandals are adorable!


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