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I Love Shelling...and so do You!

One of our all-time favorite coastal sites is Not only is Pam an expert seashell collector, she provides useful seashell resources and decorating ideas. In her story, "Tips to Decorate Your Home with Seashells" from September 2011, she discusses what to do with all of the seashells that you've collected.

Pam's friends Dick and Mary love seashell collecting and want their treasures surrounding them in their beautiful home. The photos below are a perfect example of what Pam loves about Dick and Mary…there are no rules for displaying their shells!

dining shell basket dmm
Fatima kitty with seashells dmm

Alphabet cone display decor
Pam shares, "Piling the same shell in any type of vessel is my favorite way to display my shells as well."
bedside candy dish dmm
 One of our favorites ideas is how Dick & Mary framed their oddity treasures in a shadowbox.
Seashell wall art dmm
They framed some of their best shells to make a wall collage in the hallway.
framed starfish dmm
beachcomb objects dmm
You won’t believe your eyes at how many more shells Pam's friends have!! Visit I Love Shelling! to read the full article. 
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  1. I'm a big fan or Pam and her blog, too. I sure love decorating with shells...they are all over my house here in Florida! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love that website and visit it all the time! We live only several miles from Sanibel and the shells that wash up are amazing:) She has great tips of which area's to visit for optimum shelling.


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