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Seashell Hearts

Clam shells, cockles or shells from your vacation can all be incorporated into hearts for Valentine's Day. Use your photography skills to make a photo or greeting card by laying seashells on the beach.  Trim a heart-shaped box with your favorite little shells.  Strung cockle shells look amazing turned into a heart.

Whether you use all one color/style or mix them all up -- a handmade Valentine made of seashells will be treasured forever!

For photo information, visit SEASHELLS on Pinterest!


  1. These are all so beautiful. I have lots of seashells...wish I had the talent to put something together with a heart! Sweet hugs!

    1. Hugs to you too -- If you purchase a styrofoam heart and some glue, it isn't too difficult. Give it a try sometime :O)

  2. This has been on my to-do list for ... um ... several years. Maybe, just maybe this will give me the push I need.
    Thanks as always ~ Mary

    1. I know what you mean....I have lots of long to-do lists using seashells.



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