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Pink Flamingos in Texas

Yep, that's right, these beautiful flamingos live in San Antonio, Texas.  We visited them last year and of course I just had to learn more about these creatures.  Environmental Graffiti offered some fantastic facts about the flamingo including the fact that there are six different species.  "The Rosy flamingo or Caribbean flamingo is the only type of flamingo that lives naturally in North America. The most widespread type is the Greater flamingo, which is found in Africa and southwestern Asia. Other species are the Chilean flamingo, Andean flamingo, Lesser flamingo and James’s flamingo." 

I also discovered that there are 19 bones in a flamingo’s long neck. It’s unusual beak and feathers are made of a tough substance called keratin. The beak plays an important role in the flamingo finding food in muddy areas. Did you know that the bend halfway down the flamingo's leg is actually its ankle?

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