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In Love With Sea Lions & Seals

On our recent visit to Sea World in San Antonio, we discovered the wonderful world of sea lions and seals.  Some may be against the keeping of any animal in a cage or tank, however SeaWorld has an impressive conservation program to assist these and other sea life.

The SeaWorld Beached Animal recovery team responds to reports of stranded animals.  The first step is to transport the animal to SeaWorld’s State of the art facility.  Upon arrival, animals are examined and diagnosed by animal care staff and veterinarians.  Treatment may include medication or surgery.

Since most animals found are undernourished, often 30% to 40% underweight.  The next step in treating an animal is to restore its weight by providing essential nutrients.  Very young animals many receive formula, made from milk replacer and supplemented with vitamins, minerals, fish and other ingredients.  After treatment, the animals then recover at SeaWorld’s animal care facility.

Release or Long-term care? SeaWorld’s main objective for rescuing stranded animals is to return them to the ocean.  An animal’s outcome depends on its condition when recovered.  Juveniles often have a better chance for survival than adults.  Animals that can’t be released may remain at SeaWorld or another authorized facility.

Elizabeth had a long chat with a long time employee of the Sea Lion program and it was quite evident that she was very dedicated to the proper treatment of these delightful creatures.  Her passion for sea life was contagious.  She also offered Elizabeth the opportunity to feed the sea lions and seals.  (Normally offered to visitors for $5.00)

Once these charming fellows get their fill, they like to climb up on the rocks to enjoy some sunshine.

We found ourselves spending a very long amount of time watching these playful guys.  We enjoyed watching them sunbath, play, eat, and clean.  Take one look into their eyes and you can see that they are full of intelligence and love.

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  1. I love your post about sea lions today too!


  2. I love sea wildlife -lion and otters are my favorites. and am glad I live where I can see them everyday in their natural enviornment. Not a fan of the confinment of sea animals for entertainment. Its a miserable life for them. Here we have a protected Marine sanctuary so they can never be captured for profit. They are beauitful animals.


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