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Evolution of a Sailing Chef

What meal could you put together with salted sardines, honey, and almonds?  Those are some of the very few ingredients they had to work with on Columbus' journey to the New World. 
Cooking can be challenging enough without dealing with lack of refrigeration, limited supplies - and hurricanes!  

Over the centuries, cruise ship dining has changed immensely. Starting with Nordic Vikings transitioning all the way to modern cruise ships, one thing has always been true: a sailor’s gotta eat! Mess hall may aptly describe the conditions aboard some early ships. But things have changed in cruise dining options. While galley slaves probably subsisted on gruel (with garlic cloves thrown in for a treat), today’s high sea diners experience 5-star global cuisine with white glove service and an impressive wine list. 

Take a look at the progression of maritime chefs and dining over the ages in this infographic. 

And, remember…calories don’t count at sea!

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  1. It sounds delicious given that they have fish or seafood that are fresh out of the water to be prepared. It must be a luxury to have a chef in your private sailing yacht.


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