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DIY Christmas Gift Idea: Sea Glass Mosaic Tray

Do you have someone on your Holiday gift list that loves sea glass or the beach?  Maybe you would like to make this sea glass tray for yourself as a way to use all the sea glass you collected over the summer?  

Sand & Sisal offers a wonderful DIY Mosaic Tray coastal craft which you may wish to consider trying before the upcoming Holiday.

If you don't have your own collected glass then try Etsy or a local craft store. The tray used can be new or used, as long as you sand it down to get any varnish off of it.

Isn't it beautiful?  I think that I could even make it! 

How to Make a Sea Glass Mosaic Tray


  1. This tray is beautiful. It inspires me to try something like that but with shell fragments. I've found some beautiful pieces with great colors and stripes in them from a beach in Ft. Pierce. The waves there can be a bit rough so I've found lots of cool, broken, tumbled shells there. It's a hit with surfers too!.

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