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Beach Style: Dressing Up Rain Boots

Rubber rain boots (or Wellies as some call them) are almost a necessity around our Pacific Northwest Beaches; but how can you dress them up without looking like an old fisherman?  Combine a light-grey cashmere/wool sweater with a knee-length wool skirt.  Tights might work well if you don't want cold knees!

Don't forget a great tote bag to match those adorable boots of yours and of course, once you arrive home a bowl of warm soup, oatmeal or favorite treat to warm your inside.  


  1. Some people look good in anything! I'm afraid I would look exactly like an old fisherman anyway! heehee! But I love the gorgeous sweater!

  2.'re right! I would never think to 'dress up' the boots...I'd be out there in sweats and an old shirt. But that is why i'm reading blogs like this...GOTTA CHANGE THE IMAGE!

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