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Pumpkin Bluff Beach on North Caicos

Oh, thank you to Rum Therapy for introducing us to Pumpkin Bluff Beach on their visit to Turks and Caicos.

Pumpkin Bluff beach features several small scenic rocky hills which break up the beach into little coves.  The rusted remains of a wrecked freighter ship, half a mile off shore, make for an interesting backdrop.

Pumpkin Bluff Beach via

"The beaches we visited on Turks and Caicos beaches are indescribable. The sand was soft and white… Most beaches on the north side had extremely sandy bottoms and we could walk many feet into the ocean before there was a drop off. On North Caicos we rarely saw another person on the beach and conch shells were everywhere!"

Pumpkin Bluff Beach via
Pumpkin Bluff Beach via

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  1. That is a place I would love to be right now… Those beaches looks so amazing!

  2. We love the Turks and Caicos but have only been to the island of Providenciales. I would love to check out some of the beautiful!


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