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An Amazing Treasure of Tropical Artwork

If you've been following along this week, we've been sharing some of our little adventures during our recent Las Vegas vacation.  After visiting the dolphins and lions we headed to the Dolphin Gift Shop and were surprised by a lady from Korea named Young.

This sweet little lady, who was probably in her 80's, introduced herself, her artwork and wondered if we'd like her to create a piece of art for us.  We just couldn't refuse....she was too adorable and sweet.  Young has a fine arts degree from a university in Korea and stated, "I've been painting forever!"  She also taught art to students for many, many years.

Young practices Leather Brush Art, also known as "Name Art" which is a hand art created by a great scholar dating back to 1600 A.D. Letters are written with combinations of animals, plants and scenes of nature.  Leather Brush Art has been practiced for more than four centuries and is constantly evolving with each artist's new interpretation.

Each character has a meaning, such as a Lighthouse means happiness and a Sailboat means a bright future.  I selected the word PEACE and Elizabeth chose LOVE as our words.  Young quickly grabbed her leather art utensils and got to work.

Young Hee Kim handpainting my PEACE artwork.

I purchased some frames on our way back home and will get them framed and photographed for you shortly.  After a little chat and warm hug we were off onto our next adventure!

If you're interested in ordering your very own piece of art...

Phone for information: (702) 791-7580 or (800) 888-2522

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