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Seashells for your Crafting & Home

Boy, was I excited when Seashell Supply contacted us to be a sponsor.  It's always nice to have a new Sally Lee family member, but when I perused all the different seashells available it was truly amazing at their selection.

Seashell Supply opened in May of 2011 to fill a need for crafters, decorators and collectors of seashells.

Whether you use seashells for crafting (professionally or personally) or for decorating your beach house with Seashell Supply has what you are searching for.

Shell varieties include large and small as well as abalone, barnacles, coral, clam & conch shells, cowries, nautilus and the list goes on and on...

“I’m an avid shell collector and I absolutely love the beach. I spend as much time at the ocean as I can. I love collecting shells and selling on the Internet has allowed me to share my passion with so many others!”

 Visit Seashell Supply today!


  1. I love lots of pretty shells. I've been to this shop...I'll go look some more! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. My grandmother used to collect shells and I got to play with them as a child. I am a beach lover myself. Thanks for sharing, I would have never known of such a store otherwise.


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