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Coastal Discovery: Seaweed Art

Boy do I LOVE my job!  Besides working my own hours from my beach cottage, I get introduced to amazing coastal art and home goods on a regular basis.

When I received a tweet from SeaweedArt a few weeks ago, they asked if I'd like some samples of their coastal art; which includes notecards, prints and towels.  You know I said, "Yes!" in an instant.  I received a lovely selection of their Pink Seaweed Prints as well as some of their gorgeous seaweed notecards.  

The Pink Seaweed Prints are an assortment of various pink seaweed varieties in a muted palette of pastels that are so delicate they almost look like watercolors, but they’re not. They are photo images of real seaweed with scientific names that sound like Greek goddesses: Delesseria Decipiens, Polyneura Latissima, Palmaria Mollis and Chondracanthus Canalculatus.

The Pleasure Point and Tide Pool Notecard collections came beautiful packaged in acrylic boxes and even the envelopes are decorated with muted seaweed designs.  The quality is second to none and we're highly impressed with the company.

The art of pressing seaweed dates back to the Victorian Era when aristocratic ladies made seaweed pressings as a hobby to collect specimens and decorate their homes. The process may seem daunting and time consuming, but SeaweedArt owner, Beth Shady, can assure you it is quite satisfying, peaceful and relaxing.  "You will be amazed at the beautiful works of nature art you can create."

Beth lives in Santa Cruz, CA with hers eafaring, surfer husband Bill and their five kids.  "I believe that nature and art meet when the variety of seaweed’s colors, shapes and textures naturally lend themselves to artistic expression. SeaweedArt is a gift from the sea."
All of the seaweed used in SeaweedArt cards has been sustainably harvested from the Monterey Bay in accordance with the regulations for seaweed harvesting along the West Coast of North America.
We also love the fact that SeaweedArt is committed to raising awareness and funds for the protection and preservation of our beautiful oceans, beaches, coastlines and marine habitats. For every item purchased, 10% of the profits will be donated to charities and non-profit organizations dedicated to their cause.

Visit today for a beautiful selection of unique coastal art!


  1. It's really beautiful! Best regards from Barcelona, Spain

  2. So beautiful! I always thought they were "collected", not harvested (cut...). I would love to see them packaged in paper or cardboard, specially since some funds are for the protection of oceans... and plastic pollution is such a huge problem.

    1. @Maya. Thanks so much for your comments. The packaging I use for my SeaweedArt is plant based and 100% biodegradable.

  3. lovely colors I dig it. I could see doing a wall or hallway with these beauties.

  4. I love that big old sea turtle! I have a special place in my heart for these amazing creatures!


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