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A Quiet Afternoon at the Beach

Is there anything finer than a quiet afternoon at the beach?  As we arrived at the beach last weekend, this guy was quite adamant about reminding us not to drive on his section of the beach.  Isn't he gorgeous?

He sat there so long that we actually got tired of taking his photo!

We decided to stare at the beautiful summer waves instead...

Wearing of flip flops was certainly a necessity that day!

We're always so excited when the brown pelicans come back to spend the summer with us at the beach.  They are such interesting creatures, aren't they?

The Washington coast gets LOTS of rain, but when it's sunny it's the most beautiful place in the world (well, I think so!). 

Hope you have a beautiful day, friend. 



  1. There is absolutely nothing finer! I would rather be at the sea than any place else! We saw an eagle this week here in FL!


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