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Saturday Beach Style: Resort Rendezvous

We're so glad that Summer is almost here - how about you?  Do you have a resort adventure scheduled?  Weekend beach trip? If you do, then we've got some vintage-inspired clothing options which you might want to pack!  If your beach vacation is all about lounging, an expedition or enjoying the nightlife then the Resort Rendezvous Collection from might be what you've been looking for.

Lounge With Me: Using the expansive white umbrella to shade your red-bikini-clad body from the mid-morning rays, you give in to the comfortable recline of your beach chaise lounge and let your thoughts drift off with the breeze. After a few minutes, a jag of nearby laughter rouses you, and you rise from your chair to pull on your bird-adorned trousers and strappy sandals, before following the chortles back to the source - your friends joyfully playing cards in a nearby cabana.

Beach Style: Resort Rendezvous
Lounge with Me from

Afternoon Expedition: What aquatic treasures, suddenly revealed and exposed to the world above the water, will you find while studying tide pools off the coast? What wonderfully flavorful fruit, as juicy as it is soft, as succulent as its flesh is bright, will you taste during your amble through town? The truth is, you're not yet sure. But, in your printed tee, sweet shorts, and stripey flats, you'll soon discover! 

Want boho-chic styles for your next getaway?

Beach Style: Resort Rendezvous
Afternoon Expedition from

Starlit Mixer: Spread out above you like a bolt of black velvet perfectly studded with a thousand tiny gems, the night sky transfixes you with its stunningly simple beauty - that is, until you hear the jangly tune of something familiar, something sweet and soulful, bouncing on the air. You tuck your adorable clutch under your arm, smooth the crinkly skirt of you coral frock, and clack your platforms over the patio until you locate your sweetheart, smiling adoringly at you through the gently swaying crowd.

Beach Style: Resort Rendezvous
Starlit Mixer from

Shop the Resort Rendezvous Collection today.


  1. I sooo want that lounge with me ensemble!!! Love!

  2. I love that striped bag! What fun outfits!


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