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Coastal Art: Paper Cutting

Ah, the joys of Pinterest...finding things which we never would of seen otherwise.  It's one of the reasons why it is so addicting, isn't it?  The chance of discovering something new and fabulous like artist Jud Barry's paper cutting artwork.

The details in Mr. Barry's work is phenomenal and truly inspiring.  As someone who has manual dexterity issues, I'm in awe of the fine detail work in each piece. It is obvious that he puts his heart and soul into each work of art.

Lighthouse Paper Cutting - Created for Jud's Mother.
"art from the heart, throw away the rule book, anything is possible, look, listen and love." 

- Jud Barry

Paper Cut Seahorse Logo

Paper cut art created for Jud's mother-in-law about their holiday to the Maldives.

Paper cutting art for a new homeowner


  1. The precision of a paper artist simply amazes me. It's beautiful.

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