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Coastal Gardening is Not for Sissies!

I've often thought this....coastal gardening is not for sissies and I have recently discovered that I'm not alone in my belief!  Working around the natural elements of wind, salt air and sandy soil can be quite the challenge for coastal gardeners.  California-based writer and editor, Marianne Lipanovich, agrees wholeheartedly and recently shared her thoughts on the subject in an article on Houzz.

Coastal Gardening

Marianne shares, "Of course, you needn’t live at the seaside to have a garden that is reminiscent of the coast. By following the general guidelines for coastal plantings and choosing plants that will mimic the look of an ocean garden and still thrive in your climate zone, you can create your own little seaside paradise, even in Kansas."

Use small arrows on slideshow below for coastal garden inspiration...


Read Marianne's article: Lay of the Landscape: Coastal Garden Style

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