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Chinook: A Quaint Marina Town

Is there a little town that you drive through regularly, but never give it much thought? Chinook,Washington is one of those towns.  There are some beautiful Victorian homes, a couple restaurants and stores...and....that's about it!

I took a few minutes to drive off the main road and found Chinook's adorable marina.  Shame on me for not investigating sooner.  We (me, you and everyone else) get in too much of a hurry to stop and look around sometimes, don't we?

 The ridge of hills in the background is the sand spit we live on (also known as the Long Beach Peninsula).  If you know where to look you can just see the outline of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse too.  Do you see it in the photo below? (I'm just kidding!)

Isn't this a cute little house near the marina?

So, what did we learn today? Note to self...slow down and look around!

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  1. Larry and I had a wonderful time watching the pelicans in Chinook marina a couple of years ago. Also love the house in picture, always has a beautiful yard.

  2. Yes, we all need to slow down some and enjoy spots like this.


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