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Kangaroos on the Beach?

This photo just amazes me - there are Kangaroos on the beach! I know, if I lived somewhere that actually had kangaroos around, it probably wouldn't be that unusual a site.

Evidently this isn't an uncommon sight in the Cape Le Grand National Park, located in Western Australia. Have YOU ever seen kangaroos on your beach?




  1. Horses, yes. Kangaroos, not ever in person or in photos.

  2. What a fantastic picture ! I was in Australia a few years ago and everything there amazed me. Such an unique continent. Crazy and fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing,

    Francisca Mattéoli

  3. i WISH I was a kangaroo !! it amazes me to.. I like the watercolor too. I like opening my email and seeing the beach. Today its raining hard here in TX and this is a beautiful view..thanks

  4. Yes we have a holiday house on the north Coast of New South Wales and have kangaroos on the beach and even emus hanging around nearby so beautiful

  5. Linda ( 17, 2012 at 5:49 PM

    Please do not use other people pictures without at least asking or noting its origins on your blog. This is my picture, done on the 17th of march 2012 in Esperance (WA) during my holidays!
    This is very disrespectful, especially when you decide to publish that on "Planet Earth Phenomenon" with you name on it...

    Thank you


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