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Coastal Kids: Adorable Shark Towel for Beach Fun

Looking for a kids towel that actually dries?? One that doesn't fall apart in the wash after 2 months? A towel that's fun, and big enough to cover their butts when they're over 3 years old? 

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the's time to get out and dry off! Enlist help from the very top of the food chain to get your water bug on dry land.  

The Sandy Shark Beach Towel is made of absorbent grey 100% cotton terry with an embroidered face and non-chompy teeth. And while Sandy may swim in international waters, he's proudly made in U.S. 

They are so cute that I wonder if they make them for old ladies like me?!  

Visit Yikestwins Hooded Towels for more fun (you just might find an one-eyed purple monster or pretty princess).


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