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The Best Beaches on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is famous for its beaches, especially Surfers Paradise, but how about all the other amazing beaches on offer?

The Best Beaches on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is known for three things: Obscene amounts of sun, late night partying, and surfing at long golden beaches. When the Gold Coast is mentioned most people will immediately think of Surfers Paradise but this is far from being the only beach worth a visit along the Gold Coast. From your serviced apartments you can experience a wide variety of beaches from the family haven to secluded spots. 

Whether you are after late night parties and daytime surfing or a quiet place to relax with your family, a stay in Gold Coast apartments will offer you the best opportunities:

The Best Beaches on the Gold Coast
Surfers Paradise

  • Surfers Paradise has clean white sands and fantastic surf. The proximity to nightclubs and restaurants does draw big crowds but there is plenty of fun to be had here. If you don’t know how to surf then this is a great place to learn with countless surf schools in operation.
  • Snapper Rocks is infamous for being one of the best beaches to surf in the world. It is situated just on the border of NSW and Queensland and hosts both Roxy Pro and Quicksilver Pro every year.
  • Burleigh Heads is a huge barrelling break perfectly suited to the brave surfer. This beach takes skill to manoeuvre to avoid the rocks but the surf is well worth it.

The Best Beaches on the Gold Coast
Broadbeach, Queensland

Family Beaches:
  • Broadbeach is a vast stretching beach with a very large flagged area for safe swimming. This is a great place to take your family for a dip in safety.
  • Currumbin Beach is an excellent place for families and offers a well shaded parking area as well as public amenities. This is the perfect place to take your family and know that your needs will be catered for.
  • Stradbroke Island is an excellent place to take your children to experience wildlife in their natural habitat. The island has Golden Wallabies jumping around and the south side is protected from large waves. This is a safe place for children to swim and a great place to do water sports too.

The Best Beaches on the Gold Coast
Mermaid Beach

Uncrowded Beaches:

When looking for uncrowded beaches along the coast there is little to worry about. With 70kms of Golden sand there is room for everyone. Remember that less crowded beaches offer less lifeguard support, if any, so it is extremely important to take care in the water and on the beach. If peace and quiet is really what you are after then here is a brief list of some of the less crowded beaches to aim for:
    • The Spit
    • Mermaid Beach
    • Nobby Beach
    • Miami
    • Tallebugera

The Best Beaches on the Gold Coast
Kingscliff Beach Sunrise

Queensland offers between 26 and 42 patrolled beaches which are safe for swimming around the year. Surfers Paradise has the highest number of patrols but there are plenty of options for safe swimming.
Salt beach in the Kingscliff area is a smaller beach with fewer people so you can combine safety with lifeguard support.
Main Beach and The Pass in Byron Bay tend to experience far smaller waves so they are excellent beaches for swimming and it is unlikely that there will be hazardous surfboards all around.
Billinga is located in the far south of Queensland and is an excellent place for swimmers. It is a sheltered beach so waves are calm and the sea is glorious.


  1. Great post! I love holidaying on the Gold Coast, we've been a few times now, it's beautiful :) xo K

  2. AU beaches are just amazing.

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