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At the Beach: A Bright Orange Beach Chair

A bright orange beach chair sitting along the seashore might not seem that unusual to you, depending on where you live or visit.  Around the Washington coast, this bright orange chair is very unique! We are all about driftwood, a cold Pacific Ocean, and the area has a nickname of "Goosebump Beach".   We aren't about bright tropical colors - nope.

So, back to the bright orange beach chair -- it sits along our local beach and has been hovering over the sand for about a year.  I have no idea who owns it, but am assuming that it marks a path to someone's beach house. It isn't like we have lifeguards or anything like that around these parts.

For Elizabeth's birthday last week, we hit the beach with the Jeep and searched for treasures.  I happened to have my camera with me (finally!) so I got some shots of this BIG chair which just seems so out of place, yet is so fun.

The birthday girl (who is 5'9" tall) climbed up and sat for a spell.  I wasn't kidding when I said it was BIG!

The wind was whipping pretty good that day so it was a quick photo op.  We were both so cold that we ran as fast as we could back into the Jeep and turned the heater on high. Of course, we were giggling like little girls all the while...

It was so windy that the seagulls couldn't even fly right! They were just riding the wind and bouncing around.

Do you have lots of big beach chairs on your beach? (and if you're wondering if we found any beach treasures...I'll show you in a couple of days!).

Have a beautiful day.



  1. LOVE the orange lifeguard stand!!! I think we need orange ones here...the red is too predictable! I'm holding out for an ORANGE Jeep for my beach driving. Maybe when I move to the other side of the state, where driving on the beach is allowed...

  2. Marie,

    I live on the other coast and while I see many bright tropical colors here, I've never seen an orange lifguard it!

  3. Judy at Just BeachyMay 16, 2012 at 8:42 AM

    What a fun, fun post! Next time I'm on "our" coast, I'll look for that great orange chair. Happy Wednesday from Gig Harbor.

  4. The orange is so fun! I would like to see all fun colored ones down a stretch of beach for a change wouldn't you?

  5. Love the Orange Chair! It would look great with one of our Orange Tote Bags from Ella Vickers Recycled Sailcloth.


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