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Wicker Roofed Beach Chairs - I Want One!

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a Wicker Roofed Beach Chair for your backyard or beach? I think so!

These traditional German beach chairs were originally designed in 1882 and are closely connected with the cultural history of the North and the Baltic Sea.  Nowadays you will find the roofed beach chairs all across Germany, Europe and even in Japan.

Wicker Roofed Beach Chair

This is my favorite version of the two-seater chair version.  It's probably the blue and white stripes which melted my heart the most. There are convenient folding drink tables on each side and a comfortable place to stretch your legs.  All I need is a cabana boy bringing me tropical drinks!

Wicker Roofed Beach Chair

A common sight along German beaches; these covered beach chairs are painted in bright colors and feature  canvas coverings.  The field of chairs lined up on the beach is quite a sight, isn't it?

Wicker Roofed Beach Chair

Wicker Roofed Beach Chair

Wicker Roofed Beach Chair

After searching online I couldn't find any of these wonderful chairs for sale nearby - everything was located in Europe.  I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming about owning one of these wicker roofed beach chairs. 
Do they have similar beach chairs where you live? 

Have you seen them while traveling?



  1. They are great. A local restaurant has them here in Australia but that is too far away too. Surprising they are not available in the US.

    Have a great week

  2. I need one of these! We go to Cape Cod every summer and I would love to have one of these on the beach!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Hello Karianne- My name is Carlossee' Santiago Lumpkin. I read your post here and wanted you to know that I am the sole US supplier of the navy striped and yellow striped German Strandkorb chairs and I have one SLIGHTLY damaged, but new chair in my warehouse/garage from my last years order. You are welcome to this unit at a cost of $1200.00 plus shipping to your address. Also, if you would be interested in helping me establish a following for the chairs in Cap Cod I would be willing to get you a second chair for free. I am based in Michigan and the chairs are made for me and shipped to my home/warehouse where I ship them to my client anywhere in the USA. I have photos and here is my address: MadHatBoy-TheGuildedAge@Yahoo.Com (313) 879-3916. I hope I have not been forward in having written.

      Warm regards!
      Carlossee' S. Lumpkin
      Lumpkin Cycle Works, USA

  3. I have never seen them before, The blue and white striped one is a-mazing!
    sar x

    1. Hello Sarah- My name is Carlossee' Santiago Lumpkin. I am the owner of LUMPKN CYCLE WORKS, USA and Exotic Imports. If you are interested in the blue and white striped Strandkorb Chair, I can get one for you at the cost of $1900.00 USD this will include shipping. Please feel free to contact me at MadHatBoy-TheGuildedAge@Yahoo.Com. Have a great holiday season.

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  5. If you are interested in those chairs...
    we just started selling German Beach Chairs in Florida.
    On our homepage you'll find a variety of different models.
    They have already made their journey from Europe to the US.

    Best Wishes,

  6. These chairs are great. I am the only U.S. based company that has chosen to deal in these chairs and I sell them directly through ebay. Here is my user name at ebay: Themartiniset. The navy striped AND the yellow striped versions are thee hottest sellers and most difficult to get. We have found that as much as people say they would kill for one or a pair of these very unique and not often seen chairs, that they are less willing to part with the $1900.00 per chair that it costs to buy and have shipped to their homes. The plus side is that you will not have a neighbor with one unless they get it from us. We do have MANY hotels and seaside motels/B&B's that are interested though. If anyone is interested I have one left at my home/warehouse, but know that it is NOT navy or yellow striped. My name is Carlossee' Santiago and here is my email address: MadHatBoy-TheGuildedAge@Yahoo.Com or call (313) 879-3916. If you order now it will take 90 days to deliver to you as these chairs are all handmade and shipped to me from Europe then to you.


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