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Coastal Beach Art: Sand Paintings by Andres Amador

We featured a "sand painting" on our Facebook page this past week and had such an overwhelming amount of comments that we thought we'd dig a bit deeper into the background of this unique beach artist.   The artwork was created by Andres Amador, earthscape artist from San Francisco.

Andres has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Yahoo! News, filmed by the Canadian Discovery Channel and participates in festivals such as the Island of Jersey's World Beach Art festival (which lies between England and France).  His work has even been featured in a high school geometry workbook.

Enough words...check out these gorgeous designs by Andres.

Sand art in Europe

Island of Jersey's World Beach Art festival entry

Creation which was filmed by Discovery Channel Canada

What a great way to propose!

Visit Andres blog for many more designs PLUS check out his beach prints and postcards for sale.


  1. absolutely amazing and great photos!!

  2. I didn't get the last link to go through but I went to the blog and then looked at the postcards. What a beautiful set of cards!


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