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Travel & Leisure: Sydney’s Best Parks And Gardens

A guide to the most beautiful natural spaces in Sydney, including the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Centennial Park.

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One of the best things about Sydney is the way that nature is welcomed into even the most densely-populated areas of the city. Parks thrive in the middle of the CBD, a natural harbour defines the city’s boundaries and whether you’re taking a Sydney Harbour cruise or a quiet walk along the coastline, you’re never far away from Mother Nature’s delights--all this in the biggest city in Australia!

Captain Cook Cruises ~ Sydney Harbor

If you want to experience some of Sydney’s natural delights, we’ve got the best guide to Sydney’s parks and gardens. Whether you want a romantic secluded picnic spot, a rugged beach in a national park or somewhere to get your heart-rate up with all of the active Sydney-siders, you’ll find something you like in here, we promise!

Centennial Park
Smack bang in the middle of the city and the Eastern Suburbs, the Centennial Parklands are a large, sprawling mass of parks, gardens, ponds, playing fields and walking tracks. Whether you want to lounge on the grass with a lover, have a family barbecue near the playgrounds, take your dog for a leash-free adventure or feed the ducks in the pond, there is something for everyone at the iconic Centennial Park.

In addition to the regular pursuits on offer, there is also a wide range of festivals held here, from the epic Good Vibrations music festival to arts and food festivals year-round. There is also the Ford Fiesta Moonlight Cinema, held over the summer months, which allows patrons to enjoy films under the stars with a picnic.

Centennial Park ~ Sydney, Australia

Royal Botanic Gardens
If you’re into pretty flowers, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be than Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens. As if the beautiful flora from around the world wasn’t enough, the gardens are located right by the pristine harbour, so that a walk around the grounds also takes in breathtaking views of the bridge and water.

The Botanic Gardens also play host to a range of events and festivals throughout the year, but even if you’re just headed out for a quiet picnic with friends, the gardens are a must-visit spot in Sydney’s centre.

Royal Botanic Gardens ~ Sydney, Australia

Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour is certainly not short of things to keep you entertained, but if you feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle and relaxing in some of the most peaceful and inspiring surrounds in Sydney, you have to make a trip to the Chinese Gardens, set just back from the water in Darling Harbour.

Once you enter the gardens you’ll be overwhelmed by a feeling of serenity, and marvel at the work and effort that has gone into creating and maintaining this botanical wonderland.

Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour ~ Sydney, Australia

Sydney’s great for many things; shopping, eating, going out on the town and exploring the architecture and history of Australia’s first city. It’s also well known for its natural beauty, and a visit to Sydney without enjoying its natural side would be a sorry event! 


  1. Just beautiful! Have you been to Sydney? I haven't, but it's on my bucket list. In fact, I'm entering every day in March to win a trip! Wish me luck!

    Lesli @

  2. Australia is on my "to do" list also. I just can't decide where I want to visit first.

  3. hi marie they are all lovely. centennial park is very close to where we live, with a popular walking, biking and horseriding track and the other parks are not far either. we're lucky to have large parkland in the middle of the busy city. have been meaning to do a post about one of these parks. thanks for sharing our city!


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