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Coastal Art: Bright & Beautiful Seashell Collection

Tracy Effinger has a collection of bright and beautiful seashells, which I know you'll love!  Tracy's collection can't be picked up on a beach or in your favorite coastal shop -- her seashell collection can be found hanging on walls in the form of paintings.  

Tracy's latest series of paintings concentrates on seashells. She is inspired by the intricacies of colors, shapes, and sizes of all the different types of shells. She refers to shells as 'nature's own textiles.' She says, It is only after hours of looking at a shell that I really even begin to see it. So, I paint what the seashell means to me and hope that people will be surprised into taking time to look at it! Regardless of what medium Tracy is using to create, she sees the process as the goal. She uses her art as a way to grow and evolve while expressing her emotions and tapping into life's energy. 

Tracy standing in front of some of her Coastal Seashell Artwork

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  1. This is what I love about the blogsphere. I now have access to an amazing artist that I would have probably never ever heard of unless I traveled to her part of the country. Amazing colors & detail.

  2. Wow! Stunning - love love love these!


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