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Seaside Cottage Cotton Fabric

I have a confession to make friends. Even though I'm not much of a seamstress, I LOVE fabric! Different textures send me to the moon and great designs thrill me to the core.  

We recently found the online fabric store called Beverly's and they offer great prices on many designs.  The main one to pique our interest is called Tidepool from their Seaside Cottage Cotton Fabric collection.   It's even at a great price of under $8.00 a yard!

This overall print includes nautical subject matter of lighthouses, seashell's, starfish, birds and flowers. Use this fabric for such projects as bathroom themes, ocean themes for events, as well as any nautical theme rooms in the home. ~ Hoffman Fabrics Seaside Cottage on Beverly's.

Discover more beautiful fabrics today at Beverly's.   


  1. I too am not a seamstress! As a matter of fact, if I had to sew ANYTHING, I do not know where to look for a needle and thread. I'd have to go out and buy it! BUT I, too, love fabrics. Going back to the idea that if I can't find what I like or can't afford what I like that I do find, I am am doing it myself. I have been searching for fabrics I like and can afford to recover living room pillows and thanks to you I found it!!! (Oh, I'm using stitch witch and an iron.) Can't thank you enough. ~pat

  2. Love there fabric and high quality at a affordable price. Tidepool is a nice design. Love sewing :)

  3. I like fabric too and really need to do some with what I have.

  4. Love... How do you find EVERYTHING that is just perfect? We must meet one day... You never know how much I look up to you..and you inspire me, along with lifting my spirits this past year from hell!!
    C~ Gypsea

  5. Love the colors, love the shells, love the bird....

  6. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one in blogland who is not a seamstress! I love beautiful fabrics and this is lovely. The print is lovely and so are the colors. Perfect for the beach or anywhere.

    The French Hutch

  7. What gorgeous fabric! I love both of the sandpiper prints! ♥ Thanks for the link to her site! ♥


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