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Coastal Crafts: Ocean Dioramas

"Conceiving a diorama is an adventure in scale and spatial relationships," according to Martha Stewart, we believe her! You can transform empty tins of Sardines or shoe boxes into sweet little dioramas; purchase intricate kits from stores; or purchase ready made dioramas from artisans.

Ocean diorama

noun /ˌdīəˈramə/  /-ˈrä-/ 
dioramas, plural
  1. A model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale museum exhibit
  2. A scenic painting, viewed through a peephole, in which changes in color and direction of illumination simulate changes in the weather, time of day, etc
  3. A miniature movie set used for special effects or animation

Ocean diorama

We never realized how beautiful that dioramas can be...whether simple or complex.

Ocean diorama

This is one of our favorites -- it's so cute and reminds us of summer at the beach!

Ocean diorama
Ocean diorama
Ocean diorama
Source: via Andrew on Pinterest

This design is very intricate and a great way to recycle those Sardine cans :O)

Ocean diorama

Ocean diorama
Source: via Marie of Sally Lee by the Sea on Pinterest

Ready to create your own diorama? Or maybe help a child with this coastal craft idea?


  1. What an awesome craft to reuse old tins & such. Mixed media is my favorite & this has given me a ton of ideas.

    1. So happy to hear you are inspired!! Let us know what you make.



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