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Plant Markers for a Beach Home Garden

Rose Garden Plant Marker for Beach Home Garden

We're so excited! We've been enjoying crocus popping up around the yard this week and we found the first Forsythia bloom yesterday.  You know what this means, right?!  Planting time, spring, warmer weather and longer days are on the horizon!

Let's celebrate the season with handmade plant markers from Beach House Living (tm).  We have a set of My Ice Cream and Your Ice Cream spoons so we can attest to the high quality of the products which Beach House Living (tm) creates.

We have a complete and total crush on their line of stamped plant markers which are made with vintage silverware.  To get everyone in the mood for gardening we thought we'd share a few of our favorites with you today.  Okay...ready, set, garden!

 Grab your beach bucket and visit Beach House Living(tm) for some treasures that can't be found in the sand or sea...

View the complete line of Vintage Silverware Stamped Garden Markers now!


  1. Very beautiful! i love lavender tea how nice would it be to have a lavender spoon?
    Glad your back up and running x


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