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Winter is for the Birds

Winter is for the birds...Jay birds that is!  We spend a lot of time each morning enjoying the local wildlife including the Stellar's Jays.  These beautiful blue birds are striking in appearance with their deep blue color. They are also very intelligent and are quick to steal cat food, bird seed or anything else you might have outside. 

Steller's Jays form monogamous, long-term pairs and they remain together all year. We have two pairs which live nearby and they sure bring us a lot of enjoyment. I was able to carefully sneak outside and catch a few shots of these coastal neighbors. They seem to really like hanging out near one of our Camellia bushes. Enjoy!

 Are you a birdwatcher too?


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  1. We love our birds and have bird feeders in our courtyard but I've never seen one of these birds! What a beautiful shade of blue! Enjoy your week! ♥

  2. Hi~~ I love having the birds around. My feeders are always full for them. I have several doves that stay near. I think they are so sweet.
    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for dropping by friends! Have a lovely day


  4. very cute! the colour is amazing.

  5. That is a beautiful bird! I always have a Mockingbird family in my yard, and do see other birds occasionally.

  6. I love jays. Those seem smaller than ours but I think they are the same. We also have Scrub Jays that hang out a lot very noisy. Strange I just put up a bird post too!

  7. When I lived in Utah a few years, I noticed they had the Scrub Jay and I was used to the Bluejay where I lived in Arkansas. I've never seen this jay and I like it. There weren't that many birds in Utah and I sure missed my cardinals, titmouse, mockingbirds, etc. We have so many birds here and are visited by different kinds throughout summer and winter. We feed them year-round. I have only seen a Baltimore Oriole once and when I first saw an indigo bunting, I thought someone's parakeet got out. LOL I've seen them a few times, but they don't stay long. Just passing through I guess.

  8. What fabulous stories! Thank you for sharing, everyone. :O)

  9. I found this site very interesting. The environment for the said page is so pleasing to the eyes because it uses colors that are light. The content of the blog is indeed light. It feels like I'm bird watching. Great job!


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