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Nautical Details Found on a Beach Walk {Part 1}

As promised the other day, once we discovered our seashells, we grabbed the camera and walked along one of the beach paths which winds through the dunes.  The dried plumes against the blue skies made for a lovely site. There is a certain beauty this time of year, especially when there is a bit of a breeze to make them sway.  

Why did we choose this beach path from all the others? It's not just for the beautiful grasses; but the home which sits at the end of the path.  The plat of land is filled with a lighthouse water tower, home, lake, fountain, boats and horse stable that is called Leadbetter Farms.  

Lighthouse water tower seen from the shore

Pretty cool, isn't it?  Today we'd like to show you some photos we captured of the farm's landscape.  There were so many wonderful coastal photo opportunities (if you like rope, lights, rust, boats and stuff) that we thought we better have you come back on Tuesday to see the home. We are such a tease, aren't we?

Nautical rope fencing

Nautical Exterior Lighting
An adorable boat house and wood boat on the private lake.

Red light on top of a boat

A beautiful wood boat decorates the grounds.

It must be nice to have a boat on display...just because.  I believe it has sleeping quarters within.

Rusty chains from the boat

The walking paths meander right alongside the property line and the 'No Trespassing' signs.  Paths to the home are marked with huge rope, trees and wood pylons. 

Wood pylons, nautical light and ropes.

Path back to the beach

Come back on Tuesday for part two of our beach walk and photos of the lighthouse don't want to miss it! Have a lovely day.


Mark Your Calendars...Starts tomorrow!!!

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  1. beautiful! i love these photos marie!!

  2. You've taken some stunning shots here of beautiful subject matter. I can see why you chose this path.

    Have a great week
    Carolyn xx

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, Carolyn.

      Big beach hugs to you,

  3. Love your pictures. That re-purposing of the boat into a extra sleeping space is a great idea.

  4. Love the pics, I would love to live there.

  5. Oh Marie these are breathtaking! I love the boat and the lighthouse. What a beautiful area you are in and thank you so much for sharing your sunny day with us. :)

  6. I am in the mountains right now but I can feel like I can smell the ocean air...beautiful.

    1. How lovely, Mary Anne! Thanks for visiting today.


  7. Marie -
    How did I miss these posts? WoW!!

    Will be sharing for you -


    1. Thanks, Caron!! Happy beachcombing to you.



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