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Face Masks, Quality Time & Chick Flicks

How often do you take an afternoon just for yourself? That often, huh?  Liz and I decided to have a "girls day" last weekend and boy did we have fun.  We sent the hubby/dad to the garage to work on some projects for the afternoon and we did pedicures, manicures, hair treatment and facial masks.  The masks were definitely the most fun since we used ingredients from the refrigerator and pantry.  

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

We got the idea about home facials from our friend Kristin at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.  She recently shared her Pumpkin Face Mask, which piqued our interest.   

We looked to see what we might have available and we had plenty of plain yogurt and oatmeal -- Google came to the rescue with a simple recipe.  Since Liz and I both have sensitive skin we thought the yogurt would be rejuvenating. I never thought in a billion years that I'd let my hubby take a photo of me looking like this...but anything for you guys!

A mixture of regular oatmeal and natural plain yogurt made quite a mess I'll admit (next time I'll put it in the blender to make the oatmeal smaller and add some honey).   We left the mask on for about 20 minutes and then warmed wet wash clothes in the microwave for about 30 seconds; which we used to steam and then wipe our masks off with. What a difference, a week later and my face still feels amazing. 

Tubs of warm water with a bit of Vitamin E oil was very enjoyable to soak our feet in while we watched a movie. Of course, we had to have a good "chick flick" so French Kiss was our movie of choice.

Have you seen it? It's one of our favorite movies...ever!

Liz and I make it a point to spend quality time together even though she's grown now AND we make it a point to take time to pamper ourselves on a regular basis.

The coastal lifestyle is about enjoying the little things in life - and we enjoy yogurt and oatmeal! :O)


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  1. SOunds like fun AND it was helpful. I have to remember to try this.
    Have a great weekend

  2. I love!!! Always make my own homemade concoctions.. so I will try one of yours tonight!
    Thanks for sharing.. And soooo glad to be back blogging and reading everything I missed!
    Gypsea Nurse

    1. So great to see you back, sweetie. I've missed you so much.



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