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{Coastal Craft} Hummingbird Cottage 'Finally' Gets a Sign

Long time readers know that our beloved little piece of heaven is fondly referred to as Hummingbird Cottage.  On my to-do list for all of last year was to paint a sign for hanging by our front door.  Well, about a week before Christmas I found a bit of time to get the paint out.

I've been saving some salvaged boards discovered on the beach for about two years and with a tiny bit of trimming they worked perfectly.  Three boards were placed side-by-side, attached together with metal brackets on the back and poof!!... I had the perfect painting surface.  

Prepping the sign is the most important part since it will be outside in the elements of a coastal climate. A coat of Kilz primer, a light coat of green acrylic paint and then brushing of white semi-gloss paint which was left over from our kitchen cabinets - it's ready for stencils etc.  Everything dries pretty fast since I was painting inside so it actually isn't as much work as it sounds!

I had some old brass stencils which I used for the numbers and word hummingbird.  Once stenciled I then used my paint brush to fill in the stencil open spaces (sorry, I didn't take photos, I know - BAD blogger!).

I used a pencil to lightly freehand the word "cottage" on first as well as draw the hummingbird, then painted over them.  24 hours later I added a couple of coats of exterior varnish plus two saw-tooth hangers for the back - DONE!

Our little "cottage" has an official sign...finally.  :O)

Does your beach home have a name? and a sign?


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  1. That is fabulous! Love your sign!

  2. I love your beautiful sign. The colors are so pretty and really it really pops hanging on the siding. Love it………

    The French Hutch

  3. Really adorable!

    Thank you so much for stopping by, Sally. I'm also sooooo busy! But it's great to visit you today! :-)

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at

  4. Your sign is so precious. And in answer to your questions ... does my home have a name and a sign?

    No ... and no.

    And THAT needs to change.

  5. It's adorable! We do not have a name but we're not on the beach either :)


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