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The Beach as a Winter Wonderland

The word "beach" drums up images of warm breezes, soft warm sand and bikinis.  Many parts of the world experience a very different vision - it's a snowy, ice covered and harsh cold winter along the shore.  Today we look at the beach in a different light; the beach as a winter wonderland of beauty! 

Source: via Trudy on Pinterest

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

It even occasionally snows along the Washington coast too.  I captured the below photograph in 2008, looking south towards Oregon and the Columbia River.


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  1. THanks for sharing those beautiful is so warm here that is hard to imagine snow...especially at the beach:)
    Have a great day!

  2. So beautiful...and we could have seen a frosty beach here in FL this's COLD! ♥

  3. These are stunning photos. We had snow on the beach in Harbor when I was in my early teens, I will never forget the beauty of the virgin snow being met by the foam of the stormy ocean. The jetty was cover in silent white as the sea crashed its waves on it.I see it like a movie in my head. Thank you for bringing it back to me you have brightened my day.

  4. What an incredible image. I've never seen snow on the beach before-ours always melts by the sea. It looks just incredible in that photo - I'm mesmerised!!

    Happy New Year, my gorgeous girlie,


  5. these are beautiful and I am a bit partial to the frozen lighthouse with the wave. That is Grand Haven and it is only 15 minutes away from me!! I drive by it almost everyday. :) And although it doesn't look like that this winter, no snow, I love it when it is all decorated in ice. :)
    Thanks for sharing these!!

  6. Wow - I think the beach in winter is gorgeous! It's a lot different here, though. No snow at all!


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