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{Coastal Christmas - Day 3} The Joy of Christmas Cards

I spend each and every day working on a computer yet I have a love affair with books, note cards and old fashioned Christmas Cards. Even with all the joys of using technology there is nothing like getting a card in the mail. The beautiful artwork which graces vintage Christmas cards brings back such happy memories and a warmth in my heart.  Posting a holiday greeting on a Facebook wall, or in a tweet on Twitter or through an email just isn't the same in my eyes. 

Scheduling a time to sit down and write out Christmas Cards was always a joyous event that my mother and I did together when I was young.  Holiday music blared in the background and mugs of hot chocolate would warm our bellies.  We would look through the pile of cards received the year before and chat about who each card was from.  Mom always shared funny stories while we worked and I remember us laughing and giggling all day long.  Doing our Christmas Cards was a joy, a tradition and never a chore.

This card reminds me so much of the cards I received as a young girl in the early 1970's...

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

For many years our family has sent out photo cards for know the with us on the beach; of our dogs; of our house decorated for the holidays but this year I decided to just pick up some pretty ones with a watercolor tree painted on the front.  Nothing beachy, nothing expensive.  So many friends seem to be in a rut that once they start doing something like writing a holiday letter every year, or purchasing photo Christmas card every year that they think they have to do it forever...NO you don't.  Do what makes you happy!

Source: via Joseph on Pinterest

Purchasing simple cards, sitting down with my daughter and filling them out with pen in hand will be a simple joy that I will forever cherish. Beach living is simple know, enjoy the small stuff and all that :O)

Here are some of our favorite Coastal Christmas cards this year...and who knows maybe starting next Christmas I'll send Coastal Christmas cards every year...hmmmm.

Crabby Claus by Mary Ellen Golden

Coastal Christmas Cards from The Coastal Collection

Christmas the shore by Coral Design Co.

Merry Christmas Sand Dollar Cards from Seawashed

What are you thoughts about Christmas Cards...  
Send them, email them, don't do them?

We also created a fun little Christmas project with some of our favorite Christmas Cards received from loved ones over the years...article coming up in a few days.

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  1. I love sending Christmas cards and especially fun when we have some Florida style cards! The vintage illustrations are wonderful, too! I linked up my post today! I love your linky party! We're driving to the Gulf coast today to eat Grouper....see you later! Hugs! ♥

  2. i love the vintage style christmas cards!!

  3. thank you so kindly for including my sanddollar cards. ox

    Giving christmas cards is always meaningful to me. I think of it as a 'gift' to receive and give christmas cards. I have always hunted for cards that move my heart...usually chosing small, simple ones. I've always liked the ones found at Papyrus. This year will be the first time I am sending cards of my own artwork. I will include a quote and small message(as I always do) to make them even more meaningful. Every year I receive less and less cards. So now the 'giving' of cards become all the more a gift because people just don't take the time to do it in this computer age world we live in. Maybe, I'm hoping, the meaning will return and people will take the time to send them again.

  4. I inherited a bunch of 30s-40s Christmas cards that no one else wanted. I love vintage paper items so much, especially the Victorian era. I think that's what got me started collecting them.

  5. When I was a child, which was a long time ago, I can remember my parents getting over 300 Christmas cards. People were getting so many, they had two (2), yes that's right, postal deliveries a day about the last week before Christmas. My mother would let us open the cards, and it was like getting a Christmas present!

  6. I love sending them and I love receiving them...especially the pictures of my friend's cross country from many of my best friends it is wonderful to see how much their kiddos have grown. Nothing like a handwritten note on the cards either. I look forward to writing mine out this week...was thinking about it tonight but too tired & thought don't just do them as a chore like you noted.

  7. You are SO right! I work in publishing - digital/online, no paper. And I adore paper! I send paper Christmas cards. I love to look at them over and over again and admire the artwork and creativity.

  8. Ah.... I remember the days when there were two deliveries a day for mail. Before you know it, mail will be obsolete and we will all be sending e-mail Christmas cards....


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