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{Coastal Christmas - Day 20} Breathe & Enjoy the Holidays

Wow, we made it to day 20 and Christmas will be upon us this coming weekend. The packages are under the tree, stocking stuffers have been purchased, decorations are being enjoyed and dinner is planned....what could I have possibly forgotten? Oh yes, to breathe and enjoy the holidays!  How about you?

Today we focus on YOU! You who has been running around like a crazy person. You who takes care of everyone. You who is so busy with preparations, to do lists and travel plans that you've totally forgotten to take care of yourself. This is such a common phenomena during the year for many of us but especially around the Holidays. 

Breathing is such a simple thing to do yet many forget to do it - seriously! Go outside, close your eyes and just breath.  Listen to nature, cars or whatever. Take your mind off of all the stuff you think is important to do and just breath...

Is it too cold outside? How about locking yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes. Close your eyes, focus on something beautiful like a sunset or lying in a hammock with a warm breeze in the air...breath. You will feel better. Take just a moment to remember all the things that are truly important to you...your health, family, friends, pets. Feel better? Yeah, me too!

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

We'll be back tomorrow with some of our favorite articles which have been posted on our Coastal Christmas Linky Party (remember you can still enter...and we'll be selecting our favorite article on Christmas Eve with a little prize involved for the winner.)

Join us for more Holiday fun….


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  2. Merry Christmas, Marie.
    Your blog is always a breath of fresh air.

  3. thanks for reminding me!! i'd love to be in that hammock : )

  4. Thanks for reminding me! I knew there was something I forgot! Ahhh...

  5. I find myself taking long slow deep breaths and thinking of all the things I have to be grateful for. Thanks for the reminder, and your delightful pictures.

  6. Dear Marie, very nice the blog! Regards, Imre from Hungary!

  7. Very nice the blog! Regards, Imre Biró-Fülöp from Hungary<>Kalocsa

  8. Great post, I'm breathing now. Thank you. I need to practice breathing year round.


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