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{Coastal Christmas - Day 12} Light a Candle in the Window

It just doesn't feel like Christmas unless we have a candle or two in the windows. It would be oh so lovely to have real candles flickering all through the night; however not quite practical.

Many years ago I purchased battery operated candles from a well-known home shopping network on TV and they are still going strong!  Each candle has an auto sensor which comes on at night and goes out each morning, so those like me that might (and will) forget don't need to worry.

My flickering faux candles are beautifying my kitchen window this year.

Placing candles in the most frequently used window in a home is a long standing practice in many parts of the world. The meaning and symbolism behind this practice differs from culture to culture as each culture incorporates elements from their religion, spirituality and traditions. -

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Join us for more Holiday fun….

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  1. I'm a candle fanatic! My battery operated candles have all had to have batteries replaced but it's worth it to not worry about the flame. I still have a few regular candles too. What's funny is last night my hubby was going to blow out my candles for me and started blowing on the battery ones. We had a good chuckle.
    I'm enjoying catching up on your blog this morning. Not comment on every post but just to let you know, the days of Christmas series is fabulous!


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