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{Coastal Christmas - Day 11} Pennant Garland from Xmas Cards

If you've been following our Coastal Christmas series, then you know that I love Christmas cards. One of the problems with loving Christmas cards is that you end up with a huge pile of them after years...and years...and more years. As part of the simplified Christmas we are focusing on this year, it means getting rid of stuff...gasp!

The huge pile of Christmas cards really needed to be thinned out but I didn't want to just keep them hidden in an old address book any longer so what do I do with them? Why not make them in a pennant garland?!

What supplies did I use? Household string, scissors, cardboard for a template, pen, double stick tape and old Christmas cards...easy peasy!  I drew a double triangle shape (since you'll be folding it over the string) onto cardstock in the size that I wanted each flag to be.  If you can find a temple, I recommend it :O)

Lay your template on top of the Christmas card, cut out, write the name of who the card was from/year (for sentimental purposes only), fold card over string and apply double stick tape...repeat.  Pretty darn easy and so cute.

The best part about the pennant garland is that I have wonderful memories from many family members who are no longer with us except for in spirit.  Christmas is all about family, warm memories and joy...this does the trick!

Join us for more Holiday fun….

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  1. That is a terrific idea! I love it! Now I know why I have been saving cards for eons ;) They do have another purpose. Thanks for sharing this stellar banner!

  2. i love this idea!! cute photos too.

  3. Thanks so much for your lovely comments. We have a fun time putting it together! Happy Holidays :O)

  4. You are my kind of Christmas crafting genius. :)

    So glad I found your project via Centsational Girl.

    I would love for you to visit DTA as I am in the midst of a "Gifts You Can Make" series.

    Be merry and bright!


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