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{Coastal Christmas - Day 10} Kitchen Christmas Tree

Are you enjoying our 24 Days of a Coastal Christmas series? We are certainly have an enjoyable time writing it for you.  Today we step into the kitchen of our cottage for a Country Coastal Cottage tree...We ended up with an extra Christmas tree (I seriously have no idea where it came from!) so we decided that the kitchen island needed some Holiday fun too.

I scavenged the kitchen for cookie cutters, measuring cups and anything which I could stick into the kitchen tree.  This little tree certainly has a more "classic country" feel than our living room beachy tree.  I guess since I grew up on a farm, that part of my childhood has stuck with me.

While I decorated the tree, Liz decided to bake the hubby and I some Pumpkin Muffins.  Isn't she a sweet daughter?

Christmas Tree Supplies....measuring spoons, blank gift tags, cookie cutters, tea cups, old silverware, torn fabric strips, starfish, twine, scissors - check.

...and tah-dah!! It's magically all decorated!!!

I love gingerbread men!

The "beautiful tier cakes" and "Hershey's" fliers were my mom's from the 1950's; which I found in an old recipe box of hers.

You can see part of my "My Ice Cream" hand-stamped spoon from Beach House Living(tm). They are so cute. If you aren't familiar, we recommend you check out their store.

We wrote favorite food words on the blank gift tags...The Pineapple Upside Down Cake is another recipe from my mom. I even stuck a candy thermometer in the tree!

The bistro sign at the top usually hangs on one of my kitchen walls but it worked perfectly as the topper.  It was really fun adding new and old kitchen gadgets to the tree.

As you can see, it certainly pooped out the cat from all the decorating!

and Minnie seriously couldn't care less!
(We found her sleeping with her head resting on this package so we tossed the bow on her and she never moved!)

Oops...I almost forgot the pumpkin muffins. Each one tastes like a piece of Pumpkin Nut Bread...the word "yum" doesn't even begin to cover it. We still have a few in the freezer for breakfast morning too, 'cause that's how we do it at the beach!

I'll show you my Kitchen window tomorrow...

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  1. oh my that is the cutest idea for decorating a tree, I love it! and Minnie is so cute and of course the cat had to rest up too....cute photos...those pumpkin muffins look good enough to grab one through the blog, I have added my name to your following.. :)

  2. This is a fun have a special tree just for the kitchen! And yes, I'm enjoying all of the wonderful posts and the links to your party! I've had fun visitin'!!! Happy holidays! ♥

  3. Love your adorable for the kitchen.....So clever.....

  4. Beautiful kitchen tree! The coastal meets kitchen concept is a delight, and I love the shells and citrus around the base. Amazing!

    I have been enjoying the Coastal Christmas posts!

  5. Mmm, the muffins look delicious. Your tree is so cute and what a great look. I'm your neighbour at the Blogger Christmas Block Party from At The Picket Fence.

  6. Very unusual tree, especially idea with spoon. Great job I really enjoyed


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