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{Coastal Christmas} Memories from Australia

Guest post by Sam of Plumeria Coastal Home

November is always a strange time of year, it’s like the calm before the storm. November is our last chance to relax before December arrives to launch us all into a month of panic…buying presents, spring cleaning the house for guests and baking those Christmas treats on top of our regular routine. But what a wonderful time of year it is, it’s the first crisp champagne at a work party, that extra slice of Christmas cake from a relative or the smell of onions cooking on the BBQ when friends come around. 

I’m a Christmas fairy, I’ll admit it, it’s been an obsession since I was young. I was so devastated to learn Santa wasn’t real I was determined to extend the dream for my younger brother, Jamie. It was the Christmas of 1987, Jamie was 7, and once everyone had gone to bed, I got up and snuck outside to the front lawn. The lawn was my fathers pride and joy, but the tradition of keeping the magic alive for my little brother was so great, I was about to do the unthinkable. Desperate times called for desperate measures. With my fathers pick ho, I dug, dragged and ripped the lawn in long tracks to represent where the sleigh had landed. Based on my shoddy attempt, it looked like the sleigh had approached at high speed, then perhaps skidded to a grinding halt, stopping just before the entrance to the front door. To complete the authenticity, I sprinkled glitter from the sleigh tracks to the patio to indicate reindeer dust, along with half eaten carrots. I was so proud of my work, I could barely get to sleep. We awoke on Christmas morning, and my brother’s eyes were like saucers, full of wonder and magic. The dream was in tact for another year. My parents however failed to share in that magic and it took my father 3 months to repair the lawn and we were still sweeping glitter from the pavers the following summer. 

It may still be a little early for some, but trust me Nov/Dec gets away from you, it always sneaks up on me, like that extra slice of cheesecake that now resides on my thighs. 

Best be prepared, so let’s get inspired my little elves!

These gorgeous Candy Canes are too cute hanging from this curtain rail. Here’s hoping the breeze picks up the peppermint scent and wafts it through the house!


 We love this mint green and gold hue for this table setting, the white starfish add a touch of coastal chic.

Mmmmmm……baking. What a sweet beachy idea for those pastry flans and biscuits.

A wired basket full of seashells is a relaxed seaside look for seasonal decorating. Rattan, seagrass and wicker bowls also look great, throw in a few fairy lights for a touch of magic.

Last Christmas I bought a few feathered decorations, I loved the way they fluttered in the breeze, just dancing along on the tree. This year, I’ve combined my love for shells and feathers by designing this exclusive range of ‘Seashell Doves’ for Plumeria Coastal Home. White Baby Murex shells with white feathered tails.  Seashell Doves available at Plumeria Coastal Home

I so wish I could sew, I failed Home Economics miserably. We were asked to make a pair of shorts and I sewed the legs together. My mother however is wonderfully talented at sewing. She could whip up a pair of these linen stockings in no time. Decorate with starfish and a little driftwood for that coastal feel.

Table centerpieces are a perfect way to showcase your chosen theme and decorate your home. We love this shell and driftwood encrusted table piece along with the tall candles.

Our bespoke Coastal Table Centerpieces are stylish and minimalist. I’ve designed these to take up minimal table space whilst giving the table a festive presence. Available exclusively at Plumeria Coastal Home.

Wow, I could stare at this entrance all day. So festive and inviting.

White and silver always looks fabulous beside the sea.  Images courtesy of Pinterest and Plumeria Coastal Home

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  1. Loved the story with the skid marks. I wish I'd had big sister like Sam to keep the dream alive for me a little longer, as I too was devasated when my second grade teacher told me the truth. A little mean now looking back.

    Love the shell imprint on the pastry. I'll have to try that one.
    Carolyn xx

  2. Love that coastal stocking! The entryway is gorgeous, too!

    Happy Holiday planning ---

    Sand and Sea

  3. Lovely story - you dad must have been livid but I am sure he has a good laugh over it now!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments sweeties, yes he was livid Melissah, but my dad could never get angry for more than 10 seconds.Finding out Santa didn't exist was the single most depressing moment of my life. I cried for days lol lol
    Plumeria Coastal Home

    P.S Thanks for reposting Marie and Elizabeth xxx

  5. What a fun memory and how sweet! I sure do love that Christmas stocking! It's so beautiful! ♥

  6. The candy canes are the best idea I've seen this season. They are practically in my kitchen window as we speak!

  7. Its nice, I like the beautiful candy.
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