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{Australia} How to Decorate Your New Kit Home

When decorating your new kit home, think about choosing lighting to suit the style of your home, create a functional kitchen and a bathroom you want to spend time in.

The best part about building a kit home is decorating.  A kit home is usually only built to lock up stage so you then need to do the entire interior yourself.  You will need to do the plaster as well as the painting, and then you will need to fit out your kitchen and bathroom.  There will be curtains to choose, you might decide to have carpets and you will also need to do the tiling.  There are many kit homes in Victoria that are built to this stage and owners then add their final individual touches.

The important thing to remember when designing your kitchen is to think about making it practical and functional as well as choosing a style that you like.  Having plenty of bench space is useful, especially if you entertain often, and when choosing a fridge pick one that is large enough with a good sized freezer.  It is always a good idea to have plenty of storage too, and you can fit kitchens that have special deep drawers for saucepans.  Don't forget the space above your benches because this is great for extra cupboards for storing plates, cups and glasses.  Save up a little extra and get a bigger over and stove top, you will appreciate spending the extra money later when you are able to cook a lot of dishes at once, handy when having guests over or cooking something like the Christmas roast.

Bathroom | Your bathroom also needs to be functional but make it a room that you want to spend time in.  You want it to be a room where you can feel relaxed and pampered.   Choose a floor surface that is not slippery when wet, such as marble or even some tiles are very slippery.  You will also need to have enough space to store towels and other bathroom items so have ample cupboard space.  A large shower is a good idea with a good quality shower screen door.  You might also want to put in a bath.

Lighting | Choose lighting that will suit the overall style of your home.  In your entrance way choose a light that hangs a bit lower so that it is more of a feature.  An entrance way can handle a bigger light shade if there isn't too much clutter in the space.   A chandelier is perfect in a period style of home or choose a more modern shade for a modern home.  Another way to add extra light to your rooms is to have lamps.  You can also direct the light exactly where you need it as you can move lamps around.  Have tall standing lamps as well as those that stand on furniture.

Windows | There are plenty of choices when it comes to your windows.  You might decide to have curtains, roller blinds, timber Venetians, shutters or nothing at all.  Curtains with solid backing will block out the light and will keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  This will help you save a considerable amount on your power bills as you don't need to rely on your heating and cooling systems as much. 

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