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{Australia} The Best Places to Build a Beach House

Some of the best places to build a beach house include Sorrento and Phillip Island in Victoria, Port Douglas in far north Queensland and Byron Bay.

Kit homes make fantastic beach houses.  There are many designs to choose from and they are a cost effective way to build a second home.  You can build it yourself with the help of the comprehensive instructions that come with it, and if you need any help you can always contact the company who will walk you through the problem.  You can make additions to your kit home, such as patios and an entertainment area, perfect for a beach house.

Kit Home Design from Kitome

Sorrento: Sorrento is located on the south east corner of Port Phillip Bay and is a popular tourist destination.  It is an easy drive from Melbourne and a great location to have a beach house.  There is the quiet beach on the bay to swim at or you can enjoy walking along the ocean on the opposite side of town.  The main street of Sorrento has plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants, enough to satisfy tourists and foodies alike.  The ferry docks in at Sorrento which you can take across the bay to Queenscliff.  Visit the nearby coastal townships of Rosebud and Rye or head inland to Red Hill and visit the famous Farmer's Market.  

Look out for dolphins hitching a ride on the bow wave as you cross between Sorrento and Queenscliff on the Sorrento Car And Passenger Ferry.

Phillip Island: Well known for the annual Motorcycle Grand Prix, Phillip Island is also a great place to build a kit home beach house.  Phillip Island isn't only for motorcycle enthusiasts.  There is plenty of wildlife, such as the Fairy Penguins, seals and it is a great spot to go fishing.  Enjoy swimming at the beach, shopping in the main street or just spending time with family and friends.

The coast of Philip Island
Lorne: Lorne has been a popular tourist destination for many years and is among one of the best places to build a beach house in Victoria.  Situated along the Great Ocean Road, Lorne fronts a stunning beach that is popular with swimmers and surfers.  Lorne is also home to the Pier to Pub swim, a long distance swimming race of 1.2 kilometres.  There are great restaurants and the lovely Lorne Hotel, as well as shops.

Lorne, Victoria, Australiaen viewed from the west beach of Louttit Bay on the Bass Strait

Byron Bay: Once a quiet escape for more ‘alternative’ types; Byron Bay is now a popular tourist destination for people from all sorts of walks of life.  Back packers, students, families and couples all enjoy their time in Byron Bay, the most easterly point on the mainland of Australia.  If you want a beach house in a relaxed part of the country then Byron Bay is the spot for you.  With a great swimming beach, cafes, shops and plenty of day spas to indulge in a relaxing massage you will be sure to find something to suit everyone.  

Byron Bay : View Westt

Margaret River: Margaret River is located south of Perth and is home to one of the states biggest wine producing areas.  It is also considered a gourmet food lovers paradise so for those who own a beach house here there is plenty to do on and off the beach.

Margaret River Town Centre

Port Douglas: In the far north of Queensland is the beautiful town of Port Douglas.  It is a beautiful beach with gorgeous weather, many shops and restaurants, easy access to the incredible Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and only a short drive to the north.

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
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  2. Really wonderful sites. Byron Bay is the best place for spending vacations.Its a picturesque beach town where many people gather to enjoy the sun, sand and waves.

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