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That's right...we've moved! Not us literally, but our website has moved and we invite you to look around our new Beach Cottage Design & Lifestyle blog

We have many archived Beach Cottage Design & Lifestyle still available for your feel free to look around!

Why did we relocate? Well, many of you have experienced the recent "issues" with Blogger and these "issues" made our decision (which we've been pondering for a while) to relocate to Wordpress a little easier.

We'll be updating and adding new things to the site over the next few weeks so if there is a topic, category, design feature or something that you'd like to suggest please email us your ideas or thoughts.  Please excuse our mess while we try to clean up some of the formatting which didn't integrate perfectly from the old site.

Thank you so much for your continuing love, support and inspiration.

Marie and Liz Rhoades
Editorial Team

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  1. LOVE your sites! keep up the good work.

  2. It looks great Marie. I guess I don't need to do anything to google reader. You'll still show up there right?


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