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Sometimes We Just Want Pretty!

Rumer Willis looking pretty at the beach
I was recently reading one of my favorite blogs, A Beach Cottage, and the author, Sarah, wrote something that stuck with me about blogging (which is tough sometimes when you write 6 articles a week) ...

Hey we are girls here…sometimes we just want pretty!

Isn't that true? Some days I just don't feel like writing serious articles. I just want pretty...pretty photos to gaze at, that take my mind away from the daily stress. Photographs that take me away to another world where everything is girly, beautiful and beach cottage-y. Sometimes I want to read about shoes or clothing too! What about you?

What does this have to do with today's post ~ well, not much! LOL! I guess I'm just trying to find myself in the world of blogging...well, in the world actually. Sarah's statement hit a cord and I'm going to remember it when I can't think of something to share with you...we're all girls (well, 99.5% of our readers) and the majority of us like girly stuff.

What do I find pretty today?  Let's take a peek!

Daisies in Blue Mason Jars...


Distressed Signs...

Ranunculus in galvanized tins...

Starfish & coral...


Weathered Shingles with Roses...


Romantic vignettes...

and dreamy escapes from reality....

How's that for some pretty today????
All photos via Sally Lee by the Sea on Pinterest

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    1. Gorgeous, gorgeous!! Something about the chair and chipped table that blows me away. Gorgeous!

    2. I LOVE YOUR PRETTIES!!! I love seeing photos that are so beautiful they just take your breath away. Photos that let our imaginations run wild even after we have put the picture away. Your blog does that for me my friend, always pretties to be seen here as well as a beautiful heart. :)

    3. Ahhh, I loved this post :D Pretty is a necessity! Flowers and far-off places and fun-to-read blogs...

    4. I love "just pretty". I agree - it is an escape from everyday life and it brings me pleasure!!!

    5. Well, I gotta agree! I hope that my readers like my blog, but it's an outlet for my need for pretty. Sometimes what's on my mind leaks through, but it's never my aim to provide anything but something nice to see. You sure did that here! :)

    6. all of the pictures are very pretty. i like pretty!

    7. Love the pretties - love the love, love the flowers, love the vases. Yep, we sometimes need a little pretty.

    8. I couldn't agree more! That picture is gorgeous!

    9. I want to sit in the chair of the last photo!

      Posting 6 days a week?

    10. Love everything about this post Marie. Lovely!!

    11. Gorgeous pretties post! LOVE LOVE the last chair, and the daisies in blue mason jars are divine :)

    12. so pretty!! i know what you mean.
      cheryl x

    13. Thank you for sharing these very pretty shots at WUW.

    14. Love! Agree totally. You have a great week too Marie!

    15. That was a lot of prettiness, thank you for sharing:)

    16. Gorgeous photos-I never tire of looking at pretty things.

    17. A very thought provoking post! We all need some pretty in our lives. Thanks so much.

    18. I love al those photos... and you are absolutely right, sometimes it is just all about pretty... Perhaps that is why I have three blogs, one not so pretty, one very pretty, and one extremely pretty.. then I can fill all my requirements, at least in my blogging life! Awesome post!!!

    19. Love you *pretty* and I couldn't agree more!!! Sometimes we just want pretty:)

    20. Oops I meant your....not you!! Even though you are pretty too!!! :)

    21. Those photos are gorgeous....I am wondering right about now why I can't be living in Greece....

      Take care,

    22. You are so right, yes, we need pretty today!

    23. Oh that pale pink dress is dreamy!


      I'll take pretty any day:)

    24. I love these photos! I agree with you and Sarah about "pretty" :-) I did a post awhile back about having no idea who I am here in blogland, but I'm so thankful for all the wonderful people I've met.

    25. Oooooh!!! So pretty, so dreamy! Yes, I love dreamy, pretty ethereal images.
      Hugs, Cindy

    26. HI MARIE- you got that right! Mental escapes are always a necessity!

      I love the daisies in the blue jar and the peonies!!!

      Happy, Pretty Day!

    27. Doesn't get much prettier than that! :)

    28. What a beautiful post filled with pretty photos. Love it. Hugs!

    29. Sally, everything here is so pretty! Sometimes its all we need to escape. So glad you added your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays. Thanks!

    30. wooow so magnificent shots and places to visit before we die, I would love to go to that island with that blue sea, awe it amazed me so much how beautiful is that!!


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