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A Quick Retreat with Jane Austen

Inspiration this week is as they say, " few and far between." When I saw this delightful photo and quote from Jane Austen, via, it just fit how I am feeling.  I'm a homebody by nature, but this week I'm yearning for comfort and simple beauty within my home's you ever feel like that?
Sometimes pretty photos to gaze at help my brain shut off (I wish I had an off switch some days!).  These photos from Retreat seemed to help my mind relax quite a lot . . .

Source: via Nia on Pinterest

I'm definitely feeling more inspired now....ahhhhhhhh....and relaxed...

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  1. That is so true. I'm slowly transforming my home into a place of true comfort! Thanks for the post.

    ~Sarah from Ugly House Lovely Home

  2. Love the Jane Austin quote!, especially on that last shot of the towel...fits my simple style. Photoshop on a pure-and-clean flour-sack dishtowel?

  3. I adore all of it! Those pillows look so comfy I could curl up for a good nappy poo!

  4. Loving al of these images. Thank you for this inspiration today.

    Pam x

  5. Beautiful phographs! The bicycle is adorable, love it!

  6. It‘s so nice that I found your blog about your link at Faded Charm. Of course I’ve scrolled a little and like what I see. Now I’m your new follower! ;)

    Take care

  7. beautiful! love the soft colours and the quote : )
    cheryl x

  8. These are beautiful Marie, very soft and very pretty. I am a homebody as well and prefer nights in instead of going out. I love that first image, I could relax there all day. :)

  9. Love Jane Austen! This is a sweet post and I hope you're feeling more inspired soon.

  10. The pastel colours are very beautiful. Home is where the heart is. Have a great weekend
    Best Carolyn

  11. Love Jane Austen, love the quote! I too enjoy quiet nights at home as well.


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